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August 7, 2012

Game Recaps

For as long as many DC sports fans can remember, when fall rolled along, it was time for the Redskins. Recently, this time has been closely accompanied by the deep bowels of denial as our beloved burgundy and gold slipped farther and farther out of contention as the season progressed. Sure, The Capitals have been a bright spot as of late, but the season is in its infancy when football season starts. How about the Wizards? How about dish rags for that matter? DC United has always been a contender for the MLS, but there is the small problem that they are indeed part of the MLS. Suddenly, and rather surprisingly, there is a new kid on the block vying for our sportaholic fixes here in the nation’s capital.

Some call them the wiz kids, to others they are pesky, but to those of us who have spent years waiting for this moment, they may be just what we need to lift this city from decades of professional sporting woes. I give you, the 2012 first place Washington Nationals. After 109 games of this 162 game MLB season, the Nationals are a staggering 23 games over .500. With the best pitching staff in the major leagues, it is easy to see why many are choosing them to make a deep run into October. Therein lays the inherent issue that DC Sports fans have not had to face since the Senators left in 1971: what to watch?

The hype for the Redskins’ season is undeniable every year. They are the unquestioned front running sport in the DC are. However, this year has a different taste to it with the arrival of Heisman winning rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III (we call him Bob((I call him Bob))). Bob (see) has brought a breath of fresh air into this year’s training camp, the likes of which have not been seen since the Stormin Mormon John Beck brought his BYU game to Ashburn amid the playoff guarantees of Rex “Snuffaluffagus” Grossman. Joking aside, fans are legitimately excited for football this year, and want to go see it in person. There is still one problem with that.

No one around here has ever experienced playoff baseball. I know I haven’t and if you have lived in DC your whole life then chances are you haven’t either. On an unrelated note, shut up Red Sox and Yankees fans because I promise we do not care. Honestly though, what is the hunt for October like? What is it like to be cold at a baseball game? Why didn’t they cover up that exhaust hole in the death star? We could be privy to a spectacle never witnessed on this grand of a scale as far as baseball is concerned inside the beltway. Ryan Zimmerman could finally see the fruits of his decision to stick it out with the once less than stellar club that drafted him in 2005. Rookie phenom Bryce Harper might live up to the hype that has preceded him throughout his entire career. For once, a DC sports team can do it the right way, building through the draft and farm system.

So it all comes down to this. Burgundy and gold versus a curly “W”. Laying down a bunt or laying the wood. Play action pass or double play. Everything we have been waiting for has come, and all at the same time. How will we handle all the excitement? Only time can possibly tell. Is it a problem to have 2 possibly competitive and entertaining teams taking up our free time? Sure it is, but it’s a pretty damn good one to have.


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