2012 Redskins Free Agents, Who Should Stay?

February 13, 2012

Free Agents, Players

The Redskins are knee deep in rebuild mud, and extra weight may drag them down.

Mike Shanahan and Company have been assessing their options at all positions for Free Agency and the highly awaited 2012 NFL Draft. More than likely every one of the Redskins Free Agents have come up in a conversation involving their potential retention or release. I’ll go through some of the Redskins players currently slotted to enter Free Agency this March.

Here, I’ll break down the list of Redskins Free Agents Army style, with Alpha being of course the A-team, the guys we need, and Bravo being the B-team, the guys we can get along without. There isn’t much room, here, being that there is hardly any REAL depth. But there is definitely SOME room to wiggle a few dollars. There will also be a third list, Charlie, for players who need a certain scenario to pan out for them to stay Redskins, sort of like a ‘maybe’ list.


Fred Davis, TE: Davis was on a career run this season. Before his suspension he had accumulated 59 receptions for 796 yards. In theory, he could have been the Redskins’ leading receiver, with Gaffney compiling only 947 yards with 68 receptions. His off-field activities landed him a 4-game suspension and scorn from fans all over the DC Metro area. According to recent ‘intelligence’, Davis is likely to receive the Franchise Tag. In my opinion, Davis needs to stay. The argument has risen 100-fold for and against him, but that type of high quality play shouldn’t be overlooked. He needs to be a Redskin in 2012.

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London Fletcher, LB: If one player could be considered the heart and soul of the Washington Redskins, it would be the man-in-the-middle, London Fletcher. Though he will be 36 next season, going well against the idea of a rebuild, he cannot be lost. As everybody in Redskins Nation well knows, he led the league in tackles this season, and was so humble about it, almost didn’t even make it to the Pro Bowl (For those that don’t know, the Pro Bowl is a popularity contest first, talent contest last). I shouldn’t even have typed this much, this is a no-brainer.

Tim Hightower, RB: I can hear it now, ‘Helu!’ or ‘Royster!’ is echoing from the comments section. I only have one point I need to make, has either sophomore back proven they can handle the workload of a full season? Before Hightower’s injury, he was well on his way to a solid season. He needs to stay. Without a running-game, any quarterback we bring in will be unsuccessful. Kyle’s offense thrives on play action.

Adam Carriker, DE: Carriker has been relatively solid this year. Jarvis Jenkins will return next season with a head full of steam, and a body recovering from an injury. Throwing Jenkins into the mix right away could be disastrous. Would be better, long term, to keep Carriker around as a stop-gap.

Will Montgomery, C: There is definitely room to improve at center, but Montgomery adds depth at Guard as well. Having someone that can play multiple positions is crucial for this team. Especially, yep you guessed it, when there is virtually no depth.



LaRon Landry covering Devery Henderson.

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LaRon Landry, SS: LaRon is pro-bowl talent on the field, and a great bench warmer off of it. He has supported the Redskins in both roles over the last two seasons, playing on 17 games overall. Next season will be another iffy one for him, with his achilles still giving him problems. It’s about reliability, here. He needs to go, and open up some money to be used for someone we can count on.

Sean Locklear, OG: The interior line needs some serous work, and I’m not the only one that thinks so. I can easily see the Redskins addressing not one, but multiple facets of this line in either Free Agency, Trades, or the Draft. Locklear can be let go and I wouldn’t lose sleep.

Donte Stallworth, WR: I am thinking of all the talent coming onto FA this season at WR, and I can’t see a reason to keep Stallworth around. He wasn’t the force we thought he was going to be and should clear up a little room with his release.



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Rex Grossman, QB: I actually heard your blood pressure rise just then. Let’s be honest here, the only reason I would allow, yes allow, Rex Grossman to step on the field in 2012 as a Redskin is if a Rookie is sitting behind him on the bench. If we draft Robert Griffin, kick rocks Rex Grossman.

Phillip Buchanon, DB: The secondary needs to be addressed this offseason. The defensive turnover battle was lost time, and time again. If the Redskins decide to go to FA for a D-back or two (Brandon Carr, anyone?) I would be okay with letting Buchanon go. Otherwise, I will stick with the depth (or lack thereof)

You can find details on all of the Redskins’ contracts under the Team tab above

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