WAS – MIN Week 16 Preview

December 20, 2011


The Redskins come back home to face Minnesota next Sunday in week 16.

With last Sunday’s Redskins win against New York, Dallas has taken over the top slot in the NFC East. The No.1 spot, however, may be a crap shoot. Dallas faces off with a roller-coaster Philadelphia Eagles next week, and will head to Met-Life stadium to face the Giants for their season-ender. I have a feeling that final game will decide the leader of the NFC East.

Moving on to the game against Minnesota. In the past 2 weeks, the Redskins have squared off against 2 of the 4 most productive passing offenses in the league (Packers, Patriots, Saints, and Giants..Not in that order) and have been relatively successful. Moving on this week to Minnesota they face a different threat, the run game.

Peterson splitting defenders in the 2008 Pro Bowl.

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The Redskins rank 15th in rush defense, allowing 112 YPG. The Vikings rank 4th in rushing offense, with 142.7 YPG. Stopping the run will be vital for the Redskins Hit Squad. The Vikings will rely on veteran runningback Adrian Peterson to take the load off of rookie QB Christian Ponder.

Where the Vikings are weak (on defense) is the passing game. The vikings rank 30th overall in defending the pass. Something the Redskins offense seems to be comfortable with exploiting. The Patriots and Giants were both horrible at defending the pass, and Rex was able to take advantage. Let’s hope to see him come to play this week. But you never know.

Here are some comparisons:

WAS Defense (12th) – MIN Offense (18th)

Rush: WAS 15th – MIN 4th

Pass: WAS 13th – MIN 28th

WAS Offense (16th) – MIN Defense (24th)

Rush: WAS 29th – MIN 10th

Pass: WAS 14th – MIN 30th


The Redskins have a nack for winning games they shouldn’t, and losing games they shouldn’t. They defy the laws of the football gods. All things considered, though, they should come out victorious.

But whatever happens, DON’T WORRY. There is a positive outcome. If the Redskins get a win on sunday, hey, it’s a win. Who doesn’t like that. The team gains morale as a whole, and will be in higher spirits on New Years when facing the Eagles. If the Redskins lose, however, it’s one step closer to a high draft pick in April.

Once again, I am NOT one of these fans that wants to lose just for the sake of one position, because there are others to fill. I want wins and productivity, but most of all, I want some breakfast.


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