Hits No More, a Different League

December 15, 2011


James Harrison (American football)

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Tom Brady scrambles for a measly 4 yard gain, enters his slide late, and London Fletcher delivers a great hit. A great legal hit. Low and behold, here comes a flag.

Today’s NFL is far different than ‘the good ole days’ when a hit was a hit, and the game was played for the game. A contest of two teams. A physical one, at that. Of late, the NFL has enacted certain rules limiting the way players can engage their ‘targets’.

James Harrison (Steelers LB) has received a 1 game suspension (Currently under appeal) for a chilling hit on QB Colt McCoy. Definitely a helmet to helmet hit, this is one of the ones that should definitely be enforced. Harrison also has a history of throwing borderline unnecessary hits on opponents.

But where do you draw the line between a blatant helmet to helmet, an incedental helmet touch, or no helmet contact at all? It seems officials are having a hard time delineating between the three.

Going back to Fletcher’s hit on Brady. It seems to me that more and more officials are actually waiting for these hits to happen. Almost as if they have the flag waiting to throw at even the slightest hint of helmet contact. In Fletcher’s case, the official had NO way of even saying he THOUGHT the hit was illegal. For those that don’t know, he was called for a forearm to the helmet. His forearms were literally nowhere near Brady’s helmet.

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Someone mentioned on 106.7 The Fan the possibility of the media being involved with some of the new rules. The impact of NFL ‘stardom’ on views. I am inclined to believe this may have an impact, even if just a small one. His point was that media giants (CBS, Fox, etc.) like having the big name players televised on their stations (i.e. Brady). If those players are being taken down with big hits and are unable to play, that may hurt their statistics. Now, I don’t necessarily believe it is to the extent that this man believed it was, but it’s enough to give it some thought. He believes that because of the large amount of income the NFL is receiving from these corporations, they have sway over NFL rules and policies. I don’t believe it is anything official, but who knows. There could be an instance of corporate bullying going on. “If you don’t stop these stars from being hurt, we won’t give you” Something along those lines.

I can remember watching football when I was younger, and all I could think was, wow, I bet that hurt a lot more than it looked. It’s still a rough game, but is the NFL taking it too far?

Think about this, if the NFL is so worried about safety to suspend a player (and fine him $100,000) for a hit, why do they allow McCoy back on the field after showing tell-tale signs of a concussion?

I love watching football. To be honest, it doesn’t even have to be the Redskins (Although if there is a Redskins game on, NOTHING else is on my TV), I just like watching teams compete. These BS calls that officials are making are taking away from allowing the players to.. well… play. I think the officials have been instructed to pay close attention to helmet to helmet, and hits on ‘defenseless’ players, and that’s fine. But don’t go looking for hits like that. That will make you find one’s that weren’t even valid in the first place.. erm.. London Fletcher.. cough cough

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