WAS – NYG Gameday Preview

December 13, 2011


In week 1 the Redskins beat the Giants 28-14. It was a huge game for Redskins fans. I, personally, consider the Giants to be the best in the division, so any win against is huge in my eyes. Some could argue that the win earlier in the year was because of an injury-ridden defense, well, they really haven’t turned around very much on D since then. So I call BS. Some comparisons:

WAS Offense/ NYG Defense:


(O) WAS 12th – (D) NYG 29th


(O) WAS 31st – (D) NYG 22nd

Total Yards:

(O) WAS 17th – (D) NYG 30th


WAS Defense/ NYG Offense:


(D) WAS 13th – (O) NYG 4th


(D) WAS 17th – (O) NYG 32nd

Total Yards:

(D) WAS 10th – (O) NYG 7th

Some things to consider:

The Giants’ defense, as with the rest of the oober-productive offenses, is ranked so low that it’s hanging out with hades. The Redskins’ rushing offense might be ranked at 31st, but I would match up the run-game that we have now against the Giants’ D any day. For one simple reason, most of this season was before Roy Helu. Helu is ranked 30th in average yards/carry (4.8) out of over 140 players (RB Only). That is awesome. He’s a rookie. Helu’s first NFL touchdown could be a testament to his ability as a RB. He not only hurdles a guy, but then lowers a shoulder AS SOON as his feet hit the ground and runs through another tackler. The kid is good, and we can’t say enough good things about him. I think we should see another 100 yard game thrown under his belt.

The Redskins may be coming off of a loss, but a damn good loss. The Redskins were able to compete with the Patriots, a powerhouse team from the AFC, and compete well.

If the Redskins are able to buckle down on defense and keep the Giants out of the endzone (as much as possible), giving the offense time to be productive, we could come out with a win. And I hope we do.

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2 Comments on “WAS – NYG Gameday Preview”

  1. @dieselpokers Says:


    Nice post! 🙂

    Here’s the reason why eli will never get to enjoy an MVP title from a DIE HARD giants fan:

    Enjoy! 🙂



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