Rex, the Draft, and a lot of Hope

December 13, 2011

Draft, Players


Rex Grossman.

I’ve seen a lot of Redskins fans bad mouthing Rex Grossman. Look, the guy isn’t the greatest QB in the world. He throws untimely interceptions, yes, but who doesn’t. “Elite” quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Michael Vick, and Ryan Fitzpatrick have all had games this season that they threw 3-4 interceptions in one game. And THEY weren’t replaced with John Beck… Partially because he’s a Redskin and they are… Nevermind.

I have faith in the guy, not the kind of faith that I would have in a franchise QB, but I know he can play when he tries. Look at the first few weeks of the season. The guy looked good. Damn good. Not only do I have faith in him, the Redskins players do, and that matters more than any of us. I am a firm believer that if they would have left in Rex instead of the whimsical switch to Beck, the record would look different.

A lot of people are wondering whether Rex will be back next year. Of course he will. Don’t be stupid. Who ELSE is going to help a rookie learn the offense, John Beck? Yeah, Rex is on a 1 year contract right now, but he WILL have a slot on the 53-man roster come August 2012. Look at it this way, if the Redskins cut both Rex and John Beck (Becksy is gone like a freight train), and our “Superstar” goes down, who takes the snaps? Brandon Banks?

He played in the superbowl…your argument is invalid. He’s a vet. I like him, I don’t want him to start next year unless our Rookie isn’t ready, but I definitely don’t see any other option besides re-signing him. I’m tired of people saying he’s the worst in the league. Cough cough Tavaris Jackson.

The Draft.

To lose, or not to lose. That is NOT the question.

7-9 is still on the horizon. I don’t care what anybody says about “We have to lose so we can get a draft pick!” That shit is stupid. You play the game to win. You try and improve on last…*shudder*… season. Even if they end up at 7-9, the Redskins will pick up a QB in the draft next year, and a good one. They will find a way.

To say that the Redskins need to lose so that they can get a draft pick is absolutely absurd. What does that say to your players? “Hey guys, uh, we need you to play even shittier so that we can replace Sexy Rexy”. Yes, it is a good idea to draft a QB next year, but do you purposefully lose to get a higher pick? No. Absolutely not. Does it take the sting off of losing to know we DO have a higher pick, yes, I’ll give you that.

Players have expressed how much they believe in Rex, Santana being one of the notables. Vinny Cerrato has basically brainwashed RedskinsNation into thinking that huge names are going to come in and turn the Redskins around on a dime. Wrong. A rebuild takes time. And I guarantee if you give it time, and roll with the punches it’s going to be worth it. Yes, draft a QB. Yes, groom him as a franchise QB. But don’t lose just for a higher pick. That’s pretty much the same thing as selling your soul to the football gods.

All the talk of needing a new quarterback has left Redskins Nation forgetting about other positions that need work. How about the receiving corp?

What we have is a gaggle of average to slightly above average (Santana, Anthony, Jabbar) receivers,  none of which are an intimidating deep threat. Leonard Hankerson showed promise as that deep or endzone fade threat, but just like this season, what if he goes down. Depth. Just something to think about.


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