2nd Half Feelings

December 11, 2011

Game Recaps

What a second half. The Redskins and Patriots start off with 20 points apiece. After a short dump to Gronkowski over the top of Kerrigan followed by a missed tackle results in a touchdown, the game starts to get ever more interesting. 27-20. A great drive containing some awesome carries by Helu and some seemingly impressive passes by Rex Grossman results in a Redskins TD to David Anderson (88). Thank you Mr. Anderson. 27-27.

While sitting at home, Redskins fans across the country can only think: “Where was this kind of production at the beginning of the season? “. But I would like to remind you, the Patriots’ secondary is at times populated with receivers. The coverage is virtually non-existent. They would make a college team look like the Green Bay Packers. One Redskin who continues to produce on the offense is rookie RB Roy Helu. Helu carried for 126 yards today. That makes 334 yards in the past 3 games. Also having a pretty great day against a solid run defense was rookie runningback Evan Royster. Royster was left to rot on the practice squad after the pre-season, and then re-signed 2 weeks ago. Royster ran for 44 yards on 6 carries. 6 carries… It looks to me like the running game for the Redskins could finally be headed in the right direction. Stick with the Helu/Royster combination. It works.

A touchdown pass from Brady to Welker is the last thing we wanted to see. The Redskins scoring 27 points was already unheard of this season. Scoring 34 was going to be tough. After a couple of punts, the Patriots end up with the ball, driving all the way down to the RedZone. I can remember seeing on the screen that Brady had thrown 200-something passes without an interception. Great. They’re either going to score a touchdown or we will hold them for 3. Josh Wilson had a better idea. How about we break that passing streak. In the back of the endzone Tiquan Underwood (10) seemed to have a step on Josh Wilson, nope. Wilson is able to undercut Underwood and come down with a clutch interception. This following drive would be nothing short of Rex’s best. Rex, along with an oober productive running game in Roy Helu, drove all the way down from the 20 to the Patriots’ 5 yard line. Holy crap. All of a sudden I’m on my feet and have no fingernails. Short pass to Santanain THE ENDZONE! Touchdown.. Flag. Holding. Ugh. What a disappointment. That’s okay, 2nd and goal. After a short run from Helu, it’s 3rd and goal on the 9. Rex drops back, a short easy toss to Santana on the 5 yard line, he bobbles it, and it’s picked off. Damn.

Yeah, it’s disappointing that we lost, but who didn’t expect that? I half expected it to be a blowout. The other part of me was waiting for this. A productive game, showing good things and bad things. The good: We have a couple of great young runningbacks that have the ability to do great things. Even without Fred Davis, Rex was able to have a relatively good day, posting 252 yards and 2 TD’s. Not too great of a ratio there with 19 for 32, but it wasn’t his worst performance. A couple of those in-completions can be chalked up to drops, too. The bad: Penalties. Stupid penalties like DeAngelo Hall picking up an official’s flag and throwing it down field. Look dude, you were obviously holding. Just take the penalty and recover from it. Preparation. Everybody knew that Wes Welker and Rob Gronkowski were going to be targeted constantly. Throw some double-coverage on them and take away Brady’s options. Those are his go-to guys.

In the end, it might be better that we lost. I’m usually not one to condone losing for a better draft pick. But it’s not like we are playoff contenders. Look for the full game recap by Matt sometime later on.

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