1st Half Feelings

December 11, 2011

Game Recaps

When the Redskins walked onto the field today at FedEx, I’m sure most were weary about this matchup. To be honest I can’t blame them. Even the pre-game started off wrong with Jamal Brown going down before any snap. Maurice Hurt and Sean Locklear will be starting at the tackle slots today.

An abysmal downed punt left the Redskins on their own four yard line. Rex is sacked and fumbles, allowing a NE recover for a touchdown. After that, it seems the Burgundy and Gold may have turned things around.

Things are going a little bit differently than most fans would have thought. With the 32nd ranked defense of the Patriots, the chances are there, and the Redskins seem to be taking advantage of them. Late in the fourth, Rex drops back and releases a long bomb to Donte Stallworth for a huge first down. That’s the Rex we like to see. He hit Stallworth perfectly in stride. The play before, however, was the Rex we don’t like. An easy pass straight into the dirt intended for Santana.

by the way, did anybody start Brandon Banks at QB for their fantasy league? If so, he is now 1/1 for 49 yards and a touchdown to Santana Moss… Just sayin. It was pretty much a “WTF Kyle Shanah….OMG I can’t believe that just happened”. Rex isn’t having too bad of a day, even though he got lucky on a would be pick with a roughing the passer call.

Speaking of penalties, what a terrible call on London Fletcher. Tom Brady decides to tuck and run, and just before the first down line, London throws a huge hit on him. The thing is, he went into his slide WAY too late. But they didn’t call London for hitting him in his slide, they called him for some third elbow he must have that he put in Brady’s head. Because both of his other two were below the waist.


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