Struggling Team? Throw Some Manning At It.

December 9, 2011

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Andy Lyons Getty Images Sport

Andy Lyons Getty Images Sport

By now, if there is anyone left trying to make the argument that Peyton Manning meant more to his team than any other player meant to their respective team, then they obviously haven’t watched a minute of the Colts on the field this year. They are an absolutely abysmal 0-11 and show no signs of getting any better. For this reason, they are the front runners to draft expected number one overall pick Andrew Luck, quarterback out of Stanford, in the 2012 NFL draft. The only question is, do they feel he is pro ready enough to insert him right into the lineup and take up where Peyton Manning left off before his surgery in the off season. Another this to consider is whether or not Manning will like the fact that they are drafting his replacement when he feels he still has a lot left in the tank. for the sake of argument, I will assume that Peyton sees them drafting Luck like Robert Goddard being told he was crazy by the US, he blew their stuff the hell up and laughed while he did it. So where does Peyton end up? The highest bidder of course.

Quick, what is the one thing the Redskins can do better than anyone? If you answered spend money, you win. Redskins fans have become accustomed to owner Daniel Snyder going out int he offseason and signing big names to even bigger contracts in the hopes of buying a championship. To date, it has been a smashing success, netting the Redskins 3 winnings season since his purchase of the franchise in 1999. His latest big ticket purchase have been Albert Haynesworth and Donovan Mcnabb, neither of which are with the team anymore. This past offseason, ole Danny boy seemed to have put a kibosh on the over spending, but he still doesn’t seem to get the point. If you spend it in the right place, large purchases are just part of the game, and Peyton Manning could be just that “right place” for the Redskins next year.

Before anyone goes crazy with the “stop mortgaging our future with old players” and “we need young players to build around” comments, I need to let you know that i agree. Young players are the building blocks to an successful team. But this is Peyton Manning, the best quarterback of our generation, in my opinion. If the Colts’ struggles this year are any indication, Manning is more than capable of turning average players into super stars. Let’s rewind one year, when Reggie Wayne was one of the most feared receivers in the game. In 2009, Wayne caught 111 passes for 1355 yards. Under the slew of backups this year, only 52 receptions for 707 yards. Austin Collie, the West Welker of the Midwest, has seen his production drop off considerably as well. He has logged no touchdowns and his yards are around half of what he racked up last year. Need I go on an farther with the Colts’ struggles on offense?

Seeing the mediocre receivers that Indy’s former stars have become in  manning absence, who’s to say he couldn’t make our lackluster receivers into superstars? No one, that’s who. The quarterbacks in Indy are behind the same offensive line that Manning was behind, and they are getting sacked left and right. Why? Because they couldn’t decipher a hot read from a cold cut if Jared himself slapped them in the face with it. Peyton Manning is as great as he is because he knows how to get the ball out when he needs to get it out. If he knows pressure is coming, he knows where the ball needs to go in order to make something of every snap. Next, his knowledge of the game and sheer talent strikes fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators all over the league. He didn’t manage to keep himself off his back by simply avoiding the rush and getting the ball out, he kept defenses from even rushing IN THE FIRST PLACE. Coaches knew that if they blitzed, and he read it pre snap, he would simply throw Austin Collie a hot route and next thing they knew, 6 points were on the board.

The Redskins’ offensive line is not great, that is true, but with Manning in their pocket, it wouldn’t have to be. One thing the line is already decent at doing is run blocking. Imagine how good they would be with an actual threat throwing the ball. Far less 8 in the box set defenses would yield higher efficient for the run game and more time for Manning. If he were to come to DC, Manning would also get another thing he has never had in Indianapolis, and that is a top tier defense. in 2011, The Redskins are top 5 in sacks and top 10 in points against. This is with an anemic offense that holds onto the ball about as well as the NBA holds parity among their teams. With Manning running an offense and giving them the possibility of winning the time of possession battle, our defense could not only be great, they could be elite.

In the end, Manning still may very well be a Colt next year. He still has a lot left in the tank and could teach Andrew Luck a lot if they choose to draft him. But if he decides he wants a change of scenery and a nice paycheck before the end of his career, the nation’s capital could be the perfect place for that last hoorah.

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