On Tap: Redskins 2012 Draft Preview.

December 8, 2011


Now that the 2012 NCAA Football season finally drawn to an end, it’s time for the inevitable time of year for every Redskins fan: mock drafts. With the Redskins falling to the Jets 34-16 in week 13, what better time than now to give our (expert) opinions on who we think will be wearing the Burgundy and Gold come next season. Before we even start off with the preview, I’d say it’s safe to add one more item to the list of “things the Redskins suck at”, and that is losing. Specifically losing enough to get the “best” quarterback in next year’s draft. And now that the all too needed segway phrase has been dropped, let’s get to the Redskins draft class of 2012, starting with replacing Rex Grossman, err quarterbacks.

Ezra Shaw Getty Images Sport

Ezra Shaw Getty Images Sport

Andrew Luck, QB Stanford

While the Colts have all but secured the first pick in the draft with their 0-16 performance (we have faith), they could always pass up Luck if they find some newly instilled faith in Peyton Manning’s backups. As of now, the Redskins will have the 5th or 6th pick in the draft, and the only other team who has a real need for a Quarterback in front of Washington, other than Indy, are the surging Miami Dolphins. By the end of the season, it looks likely that the Redskins will have an earlier pick than the Dolphins. Andrew Luck was the center of attention for nearly all college QB gurus through most of the season, and understandably so. Luck finished the season with a career high 35 TD passes accompanied by only 9 interceptions. While his 3170 yards fell slightly short of his 3338 yards in 2010, he still managed to match his 70% completion percentage. While the stats are great, his intangibles are what have scouts going crazy. The bottom line is, the kid is smart (he does attend Stanford). Luck is as NFL ready as any quarterback has been coming out of college  has been in recent memory. Couple that with his 6 foot 4 inch 235 pound frame, and he will be a franchise player before too long in the league.

Stephen Dunn Getty Images Sport

Stephen Dunn Getty Images Sport

Matt Barkley, QB USC

Perhaps even more impressive than Luck, and the later mentioned Griffin III, is USC’s quarterback Matt Barkley. Quick, if i told you that you could work as hard as you damn well please but in the end you will get no recognition or accolades, what would you do? I doubt many answered the way Barkley did this year for the Trojans. Remember, USC is still serving sanctions instituted by the NCAA after the Reggie Bush pay for play issue from a couple years back, included in these sanctions is that the university takes place in no post season. So if the team is in no BCS polls, less people looked at Barkley for Heisman consideration. Say I’m wrong? Consider this: Barkley threw for 3528 yards this year (more than Luck), completed 70% of his passes (same as Luck), had 39 touchdowns (more than Luck), and threw only 7 interceptions (less than Luck). “Oh he will be considered for the Heisman Matt, stop being so negative!” I hear you screaming. Oh, he wasn’t invited as a finalist. Put his tall 6 foot 2 inch frame behind this ailing line and we could see an issue, but just imagine what he is capable of with some motivation. Scary? Awesome.

Ronald Martinez Getty Images Sport

Ronald Martinez Getty Images Sport

Robert Griffin III, QB Baylor

If you knew who RG3 was before this season, you are either 1) lying or 2) being the hipster football fan saying “I liked RG3 before it was cool to call him RG3”. Shutup. That being said, the kid absolutely exploded onto the scene this year in Baylor. Many were thinking that he was achieving these ridiculous stats because he was playing a weaker conference against less talented defenses. But then you watch him play, and holy crap the kid puts the ball wherever he wants to put it. He’s like a more talented, or talented period, version of Tyrod Taylor. Big solid frame, blazing speed, coupled with the ability to get the ball down the field with pin point accuracy. Does he have a lot to learn? Of course he does, but the tools are all there, and he has an insatiable knack for learning on the go. Did I mention he is graduating a year early with a degree in political science, from Baylor, and wants to enter law school? Yeah, he has a good head on his shoulders. Now the meat and potatoes, his stats really are amazing. This year he threw just 2 yards shy of 4000 yards with a 72% completion rate. That’s higher than both Luck and Barkley. He is also right on pace with the both of them with 36 touchdowns and only 6 interceptions. Now these are all great numbers and they show he can do what a quarterback is supposed to be able to do, that is throw the ball, but what sets him apart is that other thing quarterbacks tend to struggle at. Griffin ran for 644 yards with 9 touchdowns this year. The great thing about him is he only uses his legs when the pass is not there, making him that much more appealing to NFL teams.

So what have we learned today? Probably nothing you didn’t already know, but with all this info in one easy to access poorly written piece, we can know move on to think about who we want to see in Landover next year. Personally, I think RG3 gives us the best chance to win NOW. If protection breaks down, we know he can roll out and be accurate on the run, or even take off and make something happen on his own. With the poor state of our offensive line as it is, he may be the only option we have if we want t start a draft pick now. However, if we are willing to be patient, (come on Redskins fans, whats one more year?) then Matt Barkley can be a franchise quarterback for the future. His footwork is great, his throwing mechanics are solid, and he has a hell of an arm. Andrew Luck will be a Colt next year, riding the bench and learning behind the greatest (I said it) quarterback of our generation in Peyton Manning. If the Redskins continue down this path of losing through the end of the season, they should have their choice of Luck or Griffin, the ball is in their court.

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