Rex Grossman in ’12?

December 1, 2011


I, for one, am NOT a Rex Grossman fan. Nor am I a mechanic… I mean John Beck fan. I am only a fan of offensive production. As of late, offensive production has nearly doubled. I was recently listening to the LaVar and Dukes show on 106.7 The Fan and a question was raised, ‘Will Rex be back next year, and if he is, will he start?’.

Interesting question. There are multiple possible reasons Rex could be back next year. For starters, if and when we draft a QB in the first, there’s a good chance Shanny will keep Rex around as a mentor. Now, do I believe Rex is the kind of mentor I want? Absolutely not, but better to have someone that has been to the Superbowl than nobody at all. I can’t stand the sinking feeling I get when Rex drops back to pass. I know he has the ability to make MOST of those long balls, but I also know he likes throwing into coverage.. When there is NOTHING there.

I would like to see Rex back next year as a backup. He would still be able to give advice that only seasoned guys would know, but he won’t be the bad example ahe would be if he were starting. I think if we can pull in a good rookie, we should give him the start. Let him hit the ground running. My choice for a QB is a whole different post altogether. Maybe I’ll get around to that  towards the end of the season, though.

I’m glad Rex is doing better. Nobody likes to see their team, or players on their team, do poorly. But I’m sorry buddy, you had better not be the starting quarterback for the Washington Redskins in 2012.


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4 Comments on “Rex Grossman in ’12?”

  1. Mike Hunt Says:

    Rex is on a one-year contract, so he will have to be resigned to bring him back. If a QB is drafted (I feel one should and will), then he will have to consider that if he chooses to re-up. I don’t think he will be happy excepting that he is no longer the starter, but his play is leading him to be a reserve.

    I don’t think the Redskins will be in play for Luck, but there are some other good QB’s who should be available. Mike Shanahan traded up for Jay Cutler in 2006, and he could do the same this year.


  2. ronnieburgundy Says:

    I expect Mike to re-sign Rex to be used in some fashion. Rex will probably lose some salary but in the end I think they will spend big bucks on a top QB. I am a fan of RGIII, but who knows. It makes more sense to keep him around being that he is the only somewhat efficient QB they have that already knows the offense.


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