Take out the trash

November 30, 2011

Game Recaps

It might only be me, but I have noticed a lot of trash talking and celebrating for no reason going on during the games. Some notables are Trent Williams, DeAngelo Hall, and LaRon Landry. It almost reminds me of a time last season when DeAngelo decided to pick a fight with a much larger Brandon Jacobs. Eventually we see Albert Haynesworth step in. Do I think Albert stepped up in defense of his teammate? No. I think he just wanted to pick a fight. Enough with last season..

It seems that every time someone makes even an average play, they’re celebrating.

“Yeah I just made a gang tackle, I’m gonna do the dougie”.

Yeah not so much. In a league where even the slightest hit can be called for unnecessary roughness, why would you risk valuable yards just to get your two cents across? Honestly, I don’t think the Redskins are playing at a level that would allow them to act tough. Yes, we are starting to see some production in their offense, but that’s not enough to act like a bad-ass. With LaRon Landry flexing his muscles on plays that he wasn’t even near, Trent Williams mouthing off every time something doesn’t go his way, and DeAngelo Hall acting like an ass on the field and then trying to be humble after the game, it seems the only thing we are interested is egging on the other team. Sunday’s game was filled with sly remarks, show boating, and even one of my favorites, Fred Davis, being called for dropping the ball on a Seahawk. I couldn’t really tell if he did it on purpose, but the general consensus is that he did.

The Redskins need to clean it up. Leave that trash talking at home, and focus on the task at hand.


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