Is Roy Helu the Answer, or Temporary Solution?

November 30, 2011


Roy Helu carried for 108 yards on 23 carries with a touchdown and had seven catches for 54 yards against Seattle in week 12. With this performance, coupled with his break out play in week 9, can we say that he could be the future of the Redskins running game?

I think so, the Redskins have had trouble with keeping backs in the backfield this season. With the signing of Tim Hightower in the offseason, the future looked good. With 84 carries for 321 yards and one touchdown, however, it seems Roy would have been the better “Choice” from the start. Roy, in his games as a starter, has 149 rushing yards, a rushing touchdown, and 159 receiving yards (105 of those coming from checkdowns from an insecure Rex Grossman).

Mike Shanahan has been known for his ability to find good talent in the backfield. Has he finally found what he was looking for? Watching Roy Helu play is somewhat reminiscent of watching a few of the elites. He has great breakout speed to exploit gaps in the defense, can make a good play on tacklers in the secondary, and has the stamina to finish out for the score. Hell, he doesn’t even have to move, he can run through defenders too. Check these out -> Here and -> Here.

If I were the Shanahans, I would definitely start to give Helu more looks. It seems the big kahuna Shanahan himself feels the same way.

Do I think Roy has the potential to be a franchise back? Yes. Do I think he will be given the opportunity? Maybe. With the way the depth chart has been changing lately, I don’t know if he will be replaced if he doesn’t come out of a game with 100+ total yards. We saw Tashard Choice for one week, then he was gone. Not saying I was really looking forward to seeing him, anyway. Yuck.

I’m definitely jumping on the Helu train. I think we all should. He’s young, motivated, and damn if the kid isn’t good at what he does.

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